About Me

I am the founder and sole member of Timken Dispute Resolution, LLC, a dispute resolution firm that offers high-quality, result-driven, and ethical services to parties who seek to resolve their disputes without the time and expense of court proceedings. I have over 30 years of legal experience as a former judicial law clerk for the New York State Court System, where I handled complex commercial cases, conferenced and settled disputes, and decided motions. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb) and hold an LLM in International Dispute Resolution from Fordham Law School, where I published my thesis on international arbitration ethics in several journals.

As a full-time mediator and arbitrator, I specialize in commercial and business disputes, including consumer, investor-broker, attorney-client, and travel-related claims. I mediate claims by investors against brokers and broker-dealers for FINRA, and arbitrate claims by consumers of travel packages in the United Kingdom pursuant to the ABTA Arbitration Scheme. I issue detailed and reasoned awards and have a high success rate in facilitating settlements. I have extensive training and knowledge in legal analysis, business law, and international arbitration ethics. My mission is to serve the interests of justice and the parties by providing efficient, effective, and impartial dispute resolution services.